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The 2015 Public Cloud Storage Services Winner

We’re really pleased to see that Amazon yet again has been voted as the leader in 2015 Public Cloud Storage Services ahead of Microsoft and other established vendors.

Vacancy Filler moved to Amazon Web Services (AWS) over 18 months ago as we were dissatisfied with our then hosting provider because of outages and lack of control over the infrastructure. 


AWS have taken the market by storm as they allow software companies the ability to design, build and maintain the infrastructure themselves without having to go through a middleman.  They are continually bringing in new technologies which allow greater control, flexibility and security.  We not only have the ability to monitor the user and candidate loads, but we can quickly react to changing circumstances and if necessary, increase capacity at very short notice.  This flexibility was simply not possible with our previous and similar providers.

Vacancy Filler has now processed just short of 3 million candidates in the last 12 months from the Amazon data centre located in Dublin.  Each one receiving multiple e-mails during their hiring process.  The system is structured around two parallel architectures or “stacks” in different availability zones (locations) which gives us 100% redundancy.  Each stack has been scaled in such a way to manage the entire user base on its own. 

Tony Brookes

Tony Brookes Sales Director at Vacancy Filler

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