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The ultimate guide to recruiting with social media


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Social media has taken the internet world by storm over the past decade or so; starting as a simple communication platform it has now evolved into a powerful engine that individual users and businesses rely on - on a daily basis sometimes.

This raises the question: Where do I fit in all of this?

As a recruiter, or perhaps a HR worker who gets involved in the recruitment process, you see the growing success that businesses are having using this medium - isn't it about time you got a peice of the pie?

In short, for anyone involved in recruitment, social media is your golden ticket to extending your reach for candidates 10 fold, if not more, for absolutely zero additional cost - although there are paid options to help focus your messages at a more targeted market or to push your message even further to those candidates outside of your network.

By utilising and growing your company brand, you can build a network online of customers, candidates, industry-experts and prospects. By connecting with these people, you can also take advantage of their networks should they choose to share your content - in this case, job openings, company news etc.

There are 6 key reasons you should be using social media as part of your recruitment process, and it spans much further than just finding candidates.

  1. You're an Expert
  2. Your Events
  3. Your Branding
  4. Your Candidates
  5. Your Community
  6. You're Engaged

Taking advantage of social media as a business can deliver you any number of benefits, the above 6 points will directly improve your ability to recruit the best candidates.


When starting to use social media in your hiring practices, you need to make sure you create a strategy. Not all social media platforms will benefit your business, different industry sectors will find value in different mediums.

The classic choice for businesses to post jobs would be LinkedIn, although searching for non-skilled workers or perhaps other manual roles, LinkedIn may not be the best place to search for them.

The trick is to create a presence where your ideal candidates are likely to frequent. Whether that is Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Google plus - or it may be that you have such a developed brand already that candidates will come to your site anyway - in this case you need to focus on enhancing your careers page and also improving the candidate journey.

You can also find out why you should consider using Facebook and LinkedIn as part of your recruitment process and also how other businesses have used them to their advantage in one of previous ebooks

If you would like more information on recruiting with social media and what the best social media site would be for your business, please drop me an email at .

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