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How retail can strengthen their recruitment brand through candidate support

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The most successful retail brands pride themselves on their customer support, whereas those that neglect it often alienate customers and force them to shop elsewhere. Many brands in the retail industry rely on the service they give to create an environment for customers where they feel welcome and appreciated, it does not just help the brand, but it is also part of it.

Candidates that enter the recruitment process are often also customers; meaning the support given at the recruitment stage should be treated as seriously as when they are on the shop floor. Retail is renowned for receiving high volumes of applications, especially during peak times such as Christmas and managing these candidates can be a challenge. With these spikes comes a list of issues like ensuring a positive candidate journey from application to offer; or even rejection.

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In order to cater for the rising demands of the candidate, it is often necessary to outsource parts of the recruitment process. Software has been proven to dramatically benefit recruitment in all sectors; however candidate support from the software providers can be an invaluable added resource, especially to sectors that rely on a strong brand.

We spoke to Marie Al Shekly, Recruitment Manager at Vacancy Filler, who explained to us how she supports her clients:

“I help our customers find the top talent available on the market whilst ensuring their candidates have the best experience possible. I optimise customer’s job adverts, manage and screen their candidates, provide skill-based tests and create a shortlisted set of candidates that are best suited for interview. From there, I arrange the interview on behalf of the customer and make sure all candidates are informed every step of the way.”

Vacancy Filler provides an experienced member of staff that helps alleviate pressure placed on already-stretched HR departments. For businesses that get inundated with CVs or have strained resources for other reasons, having assistance of this kind can be the difference between a poor candidate experience and a great one. In 2015, Vacancy Filler’s support team saved their clients almost 30,000 hours through dealing with candidate queries and helping guide them through their application process.

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