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It is often the case that Human Resources teams in education are relatively small and lack resources. Due to the nature of term times, recruitment in education institutions happens at certain times of year and in high volumes. It is also the case that when certain vacancies do go live, the HR department will be inundated with CVs that will leave them struggling with other responsibilities and tasks.

Support provided by Vacancy Filler can cover all aspects of the recruitment process; by helping the department directly, technical advice or even help with shortlisting can be provided, whereas candidate support alleviates the pressure caused by influxes of applications.

When dealing with large amounts of applicants, timeliness is often key. Jon Downing from Newcastle-Under-Lyme College stated how important it was to receive quick responses and how contacting key individuals is often vital as they knew the specific problems that institutions have: “The service team is brilliant, always helpful and resolve any issues quickly – equally, our account manager is great and always quick to respond”.


Shortlisting often proves to be one of the most time consuming tasks for HR departments, especially when there are a number of vacancies that are live at the same time. Vacancy Filler provides an extra pair of hands and has assisted with the shortlisting on multiple occasions.

Ellen Cook from Central College Nottingham praised the assistance: “They always resolve things and if we send anything through, we always get a response from them, they also help with the shortlisting if required, and they are just so helpful.” Whereas HR at Huntingdonshire College commented on how the support team were there when they were needed: “They have actually helped us shortlist applicants for high volume roles when we needed additional support.”

With the aim of alleviating additional pressure from HR, Vacancy Filler also offers support for candidates. Vacancy Filler saved its customers over 2,700 hours of candidate support time in 2015 alone; giving time essential time back to HR.

The aim of Vacancy Filler’s candidate support is to channel all queries to our England-based care team. Ellen Cook from Central College Nottingham spoke of Vacancy Filler’s Live Chat function: “Since Vacancy Filler offer support to our candidates through LiveChat, we very rarely get contacted by [applicants] asking for help. Even if the candidate is unable to complete the form, Vacancy Filler have often filled in the form for the candidate over the phone and then sent it in, so all we see is a completed form – which is great.”

In short, Vacancy Filler’s support team acts as an extra member of the team whilst funnelling candidate queries away from the department. This service is designed for all sectors but considering the problems experienced by a number of those in the education sector, it is particularly useful to institutions like schools, colleges and universities.

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