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Three ways in which your HR team can engage candidates during the recruitment process

How to keep candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process

Three ways in which your HR team can engage candidates during the recruitment process 

1. Engage with potential candidates

2. Communicate effectively throughout the recruitment process

3. Ensure new hires are engaged on day one

Long gone are the days of the ‘job for life culture’, with a lot of UK workers especially young people now looking at moving jobs or careers every three to five years.                                                                     

Modern employees want more than just a paycheck, they want a job where they feel valued and respected whilst being able to develop and grow with the organisation. Modern workers who are not content with their current job will pursue other opportunities at the drop of a hat to find a job that is right for them. 

In this candidate driven job market, employees have the pick of the litter when it comes to which opportunities they decide to apply for, meaning organisations have to do a lot more to stand out from the competition to make sure the best talent comes their way.

Many organisations, however, are struggling to attract, recruit and retain the best talent, with many having poor candidate attraction rates, application drop-off rates and employee retention rates.

To attract and recruit the best talent; your organisation has to make a great impression on its candidates. These candidates, after all, are making a big life decision in changing jobs and need to be assured that your organisation is the right choice for them.                                                                                                  

It's not just attracting candidates though, as an organisation you have to ensure throughout the recruiting process and beyond that your candidates and new hires are not having second thoughts about working for you especially when there are plenty of other opportunities available to tempt them away.

With this in mind, it is important to keep candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process, with the right tools you have the power to assure candidates that you’re the best place to work for at every stage from attraction to onboarding and beyond. 

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How to keep candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process

1. Engaging with potential candidates

The majority of the best talent is already in employment and not necessarily searching for other opportunities, but this does not mean they will change their mind especially if they are having a particularly bad day at work.

It is therefore important to maximise the chances of appealing to potential candidates to convince them to join your organisation over other competitors, with one of the most effective ways of standing out being an effective employer brand.                                                                                             

By utilising an effective employer brand, you can show off your organisation's company culture, values and benefits to engage, inform and entice potential candidates to apply for one of your open opportunities.

94% of today’s UK job seekers want to be thorough and informed about all aspects of a company before accepting an offer. With many potential candidates viewing a company’s job site before making an informed decision on applying or not, a careers site is the perfect place to showcase why you’re the employer of choice. At Vacancy Filler, we provide an optimised and customisable careers site which fully integrates with the rest of your content and branding. Not only will your page look visually fantastic but you will be able to stand out, engage and drive like-minded candidates towards your recruitment process. 

2. Communicate effectively throughout the recruitment process

Attracting the best candidates means nothing if you can't get them through the door, with many candidates being put off from applying to an organisation due to unclear job descriptions, lengthy applications and a lack of clarity over the hiring process, resulting in candidates getting frustrated and deciding to look elsewhere instead.                                                                                                           

Candidates often spend vast amounts of time on an application only for it to disappear into a black hole and not hear anything back, even if a candidate makes it through to the interview stage, they might find little communication or feedback.

Failing to communicate during the candidate journey could negatively affect employer brand and damage the chances of attracting the best talent. It could also increase the risk of no-shows, by not investing in your potential employees, your candidates could become disinterested and be put off from working for your organisation.

However, with Vacancy Filler’s Applicant Tracking System’s centralised database all applicants are in one place, allowing you to effectively communicate with each candidate; by sending personalised emails you can engage and inform each candidate at each stage in the hiring process.                               

You can also effectively manage candidates who have made it to the interview stage. Each candidate through our self-service module can choose from pre-selected time slots that are convenient for them and with unlimited access for each hiring managers, feedback can be collated and sent in a more timely manner, ensuring your candidates have a more enjoyable candidate experience and decreasing the chances of them pulling out of the process. 

3. Ensuring new hires are engaged on day one

After the hard work of attracting and recruiting a talented new hire, many organisation make the mistake of not engaging with a new employee during their notice period with many being left in the dark until they turn up on their first day.

Organisations who fail to communicate during this period could risk disengaging their new hires. A new employee might have been enthusiastic and engaged during the interview process but through lack of communication could start to doubt whether they have made the right decision. Your new hire could be tempted by opportunities elsewhere, which could result in them leaving before they have even started and your hiring team already having to find a replacement.

With Vacancy Filler’s induction App Connect, you will be able to communicate from the point of job offer. By sharing culture, values and benefits, you can make good on promises made during the recruitment and interview process and reinforce to your new hire why they have made the right decision in working for your organisation.                                                                                                                                           

Connect also allows your new hires to interact with new colleagues and line managers to be brought up to speed on current projects, expectations and training opportunities, not only will your new hire be engaged and excited to start but they will be able to hit the ground running on day one.

Vacancy Filler’s recruitment technology enables your organisation to attract, engage and communicate effectively throughout the recruitment process. With our software, you can positively manage the candidate’s expectations and ensure that they continue to see your organisation as a fantastic place to work for and one where they want to work for years to come.

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