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Talent In Short Supply & Candidates Just Aren't Engaging?


In this blog, we look at ways organisations can leverage an Applicant Tracking System when candidate volumes are low and candidate responses to an interview are even lower...

Increasing levels of skills shortages amongst the UK workforce mean it’s now more important than ever to have an Applicant Tracking System that can ease the pressure and help identify the right candidates with the tools to engage with them too.

The latest UK Report on Jobs survey commissioned by KPMG and REC (the Recruitment and Employment Confederation) confirmed that “overall vacancies expanded at the quickest rate for 23 years” in April and May 2021.

It’s great news at surface level, coming off the back of the pandemic-induced turbulence experienced by the recruitment sector since March 2020.

But, it’s not so great if your business is hindered from bouncing back to expectations due to an inability to fill job vacancies with new talent that’s necessary for growth.

The Report goes on to highlight the multiple factors you might be finding your business up against:-

“Reduced candidate supply was often linked to ongoing pandemic-related uncertainty preventing people from seeking new roles. There were also mentions that Brexit, IR35 legislation and furlough had reduced the pool of available candidates.”

So, how can a leading Applicant Tracking System realistically help in a climate where we’re currently seeing more job vacancies than appropriate candidates and less candidates responding to requests to interviews and even less actually turning up for interviews!

Ways to leverage an Applicant Tracking System when candidate volumes are low and responses to interview requests are even lower. 

Here are just four examples of key ways an ATS can help you find and keep sticky those needles in a haystack:-

1. Careers Site Integration – An engaging, informative careers site feeding in to an Applicant Tracking System is an impeccable partnership. The result includes speedy and seamless job requisition that has inbuilt multi-posting for rapid advertising, candidate screening and market leading automated communication sequences to progress and nicely reject candidates that don't meet certain criteria (based on your requirements).

This is really important in a time when talent is super picky. They want to look at a Careers Site and be wowed and want to work for you. They want to be able to apply quickly, without the need of pre-registering. They want to complete their application in one session, without the need of losing all their data when their connection breaks but at the same time, they don't want to sit and fill in a 10 page application either!

2. QR Code Integration – The use and integration of QR codes broadens your net massively. It provides everybody who comes into contact with your business the instant opportunity to enter your talent pool, so long as they have a phone to scan your code. It’s especially effective in the retail and hospitality sectors, where skills shortages are recruitment costs are being felt acutely.

But QR codes don't just fill talent pools. You can be super specific with them if you have a particular role in a particular location. And let's not forget, it's a really cost effective solution, harvesting your own talent, without the reliance on third parties.

3. Quick, Slick Application Process – Now isn’t the time to deter candidates from applying for your vacancies with an application process is too much like hard work. An Applicant Tracking System accelerates what can be a stuttering process, including features like auto-population of application forms or even mini-app forms, CVs and supporting document. And with pre-determined templates for emails and SMS (we recommend SMS to avoid hitting the spam-filters), you can engage with your candidates quickly before they've moved onto their next application.

Another big plus is the ability to schedule emails and SMS not only following their application but during the entire assessment process with a workflow engine (automation). This technology enables you to keep your candidates informed and engaged, which is especially good if you have candidates that apply on day one and they have another 30 days until the role has expired to hear from you. Don't forget, a superior ATS will give you the flexibility to send emails or SMS' as you like, so why not send them a communication every week, just to keep them warm and sticky.

One of our favourite tricks though is to send out an email or SMS to a candidate one hour before a scheduled interviewed, just to let them know that you're really looking forward to speaking or seeing them! And why not an email/SMS after the interview to say "thank you for your time, it was a pleasure meeting/speaking with you".

All these types of engagements and communications do matter to candidates or rather, your potential new hires.

Why Us?

Vacancy Filler’s Applicant Tracking System enables you to do all the above. Our awesome Web Development Team will create a Careers Site with the power to control and update all your content with a Content Management System.

At Vacancy Filler, our best-in-class Applicant Tracking System helps you identify the best talent, accurately, at pace. In addition, it also helps ensure you keep them highly engaged, mitigating the risk of losing from the recruitment process due to an unsatisfactory candidate journey.

Interested in finding out more? Simply get in touch with any questions you might have or to arrange a non-obligatory demonstration of the Applicant Tracking System in action.

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*Sources: KPMG and REC UK Report on Jobs


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