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Top 6 Reports Recruiters Need At Their Fingertips


Check out our run down of the Top 6 reports recruiters must have in their armoury. 

In-depth recruitment reporting is crucial for enabling you to benchmark the quality of the candidate journey. And because it ultimately saves you time and money.

But you’re not going to experience the full benefits of great reporting if you’re using manual or older legacy hiring software - they’re just not advanced enough. You would really struggle to manually generate reports that provide truly deep levels of insight.

On the other hand, top-notch Applicant Tracking Systems produce next level reports that go way beyond vanity metrics.

From job posting to onboarding, sophisticated ATS recruitment reporting highlights every performance metric of your campaigns, sources and summary of the candidates you are attracting and hiring.

Data-driven insightful reporting of this calibre informs and dictates your future activity. It does so by providing you with a comprehensive picture of what’s working, what’s not working, and where there’s room for improvements.

Let’s take a look at six of the best and most popular reports the Vacancy Filler Applicant Tracking System generates:

1. Job Board Performance

Job board performance reports clearly demonstrate where you’re spending money well, and also where you’re wasting money on job boards that aren’t performing.

Results can be generated for all your vacancies across your business as a whole, or for specific job types. For example, a particular job board might generate a high volume of credible applications for a sales role, but very little interest for an operational role. 


2. Equality & Diversity


Diversity and inclusions reports help you to hit your targets by providing an overview of protected characteristics across your existing workforce, and also at every stage during the recruitment process.


In addition to protected characteristics, you can gain insights in to other areas such as criminal conviction and disability reporting.


You can even automate reports to be sent to any key stakeholders and/or external auditors who might need to look at your diversity and inclusion data during the recruitment process and at other times.




3. Advert Detailed Report 

Advert detailed reports provide a thorough summary of all your current job adverts, including where they’re live, how they’re performing and when they’re expiring.

4. Application by Source

Application by source reports pinpoint where successful hires originate from. They can encompass QR codes, your careers site, your existing talent pool, job adverts on social media, job boards and recruitment agency referrals.

5. Cost per Hire

Cost per hire reports help you to track your spend by vacancy, by batch of vacancies, by department or however you choose to segment your reporting.

6. Time to Hire

Time to hire reports track the duration of the recruitment process, from a candidate applying for your vacancy till they’re offered the job.

It’s useful to be able to identify where bottlenecks are holding the process up. Once you’ve identified issues, you can take relevant measures to address anything that’s dragging your time to hire down.

Don't forget, in order to stay one step ahead of your ATS recruitment, you need to have all your data in one easy to find place, all condensed into a shiny Dashboard that displays key metrics you need to see minute by minute, hour by hour or whenever you like!



At Vacancy Filler, the sheer range and volume of reporting available to our customers is exhaustive. These are just a few of our customer's favourites we’ve chosen to highlight in this blog.

We’re proud that our Applicant Tracking Software is widely acknowledged as one of the best on the market.

We’d love for you to see it in action, along with an informal discussion around how it might be put to best use in your business.

Click here to for an initial chat with one of our team to arrange a demonstration or call us today on +44 (0)1509 236 434.

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