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Nurture your potential candidates with engaging and exciting emails

In a constantly moving market it’s critical for recruiters to stay ahead of the game and experiment with different sourcing techniques to attract the best talent.

You may be surprised to hear that email marketing is still ranked one of the most used and most effective channels to reach and nurture candidates.

Email nurturing is all about:

  • familiarising a candidate with your organisation
  • building a relationship
  • encouraging them to consider a new role
  • exciting them to join your company

But you need to get your email strategy right because if you don’t – you won’t get any response from your potential candidates, you won’t build your brand and it will do nothing for your reputation (and you will have to spend more budget on agencies!)

Here at Vacancy Filler, we’re regularly asked by our customers how they can improve conversions for candidate emails. That’s why our team of expert recruiters have put together these top tips to help you push the envelope with your talent attraction and optimise your email nurturing strategy.

Here’s our Top Tips for recruiters:

1. Send at least 2 follow ups

Getting a positive result takes time. Data shows that response rates increase by 17% after a second email and almost 100% of responses are received by the third. Build momentum with each follow up as the candidate learns more about the role and your organisation.

The Candidate Experience Study carried out in 2015 found that candidates would be 3.5 times more likely to re-apply to a company if they were notified about a previous application (5)

2. Make it personal

Do your homework on candidates and tailor your emails to get them excited, engaged and ultimately interested. Personalisation can increase response rates by 14% and an email with a personalised subject line is 26% more likely to be opened.

Think of the audience, age and experience and level of role and personalise emails for each type of persona.

3. Get the subject line right

Grab the candidate’s attention with a creative subject line. Keep it short and never use the same line twice. One third of applicants open emails depending on the subject line.

Why not do some A/B testing on your subject line and go with the one that has the best open rates?

4. Avoid subject line taboos

Never put the job title in the subject line or ever include the words ‘Job Opportunity’. Turn the table round and think what type of subject line you would open. Make it sound fun, exciting and all about your brand. You want to be at the forefront of their thoughts after all.

5. Optimise for mobile

55% of emails are now opened on a mobile device. Bear this in mind when building your message.

The Candidate Experience Study carried out in 2015 found that candidates would be 3.5 times more likely to re-apply to a company if they were notified about a previous application (7)

6. Keep it brief and to the point

Keep the email short, focused and persuasive. Including only the most essential information increases the likelihood that a busy candidate will take the time to read it.

7. Go beyond the job description

Describe the impact their role could have, their future team, or interesting projects they could be a part of.

8. Highlight the differentiators

To encourage and nurture the best talent to come and work for your organisation, share aspects of the company culture and benefits that are unique to you. Provide a link to your careers site for starters and as standard on all your emails.

The Candidate Experience Study carried out in 2015 found that candidates would be 3.5 times more likely to re-apply to a company if they were notified about a previous application (8)

9. Show your humorous side

Don’t be afraid to use humour in your emails. If you can make a candidate laugh, you’ve made a connection and your chance of a response has gone way up.

10. Have a clear call to action

To be effective, your CTA must be bold and to the point. Make it easy for the candidate to take the next step.

Don't forget to use your marketing team! Recruiting talent is no different to your marketing team generating new customers, so see if they will help optimise marketing best practices.

11. Try video’s

Video is fast becoming an important tool for engaging with candidates, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Using the word ‘video’ in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%.

12. Leverage your data

Improve your open rate by testing new approaches and using analytics to see which tactics have the best results. Use A/B testing on subject lines, send times, keywords, tone of voice, and click through rates on CTA’s will all help you decide what type of emails work for which type of roles (and candidate level).

13. Don’t keep it to yourself & keep them fresh

If you have a tactic that works, share it with your team but evaluate every month, so your emails remain fresh and up to date. Nothing worse than receiving an email with out of date content!

If you have a company intranet or engagement app, share videos, stories, new office openings, charity work to your potential hires. This will show them what a great company you are.


Evolve your email strategy and watch your open and click through rates go through the roof!

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