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Can an Applicant Tracking System help?

By | on 19, Feb 2020 |   "Candidate Experience"

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Turn Rejection into a positive candidate experience

By | on 18, Feb 2020 |   "Candidate Experience"

All too often candidates never hear why they didn’t get a job. When employers do send out rejection emails, they’re often generic and impersonal and do nothing to help or feedback to the unsuccessful [...]

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How we banished ghosting at Vacancy Filler

By | on 05, Mar 2019 |   Onboarding Candidate Retention "Candidate Experience"


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Graduate Recruitment Strategy: How to optimise your candidate journey for graduate recruitment

By | on 08, Aug 2018 |   "Candidate journey" Access Generation "Candidate Experience" "Graduate Recruitment" "Graduation"

How to optimise your candidate journey for graduate recruitment  Graduation is a significant event enjoyed by young people every year and is believed to be the first major step in their professional l[...]

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