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An effective Onboarding process - what does a good one look like?

By | on 10, Jul 2018 |   Human Resources HR Onboarding Induction Applicant Tracking System Recruitment

Did you know that 50% of workers in Britain have had a bad first day at a new job. From getting lost and turning up late to not wearing the right uniform, can make employees feel like they have made a[...]

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It's not about filling vacancies, it's about growing as a company

By | on 25, Aug 2017 |   Induction

  You've just downed tools - a job well done. After a six-week recruitment campaign, including interviews and chasing hiring managers for feedback, you've made a job offer to the perfect candidate. Bu[...]

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Early Quitters: Bad Recruitment Process, or Bad Company?

By | on 03, May 2017 |   Onboarding Induction

  Losing candidates can be extremely frustrating for any company, especially when you don’t know the reason for losing them. Many companies, at some point, will experience the loss of candidates durin[...]

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