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Are You Using Text In Your Recruitment Process?

Mobile_First_Recruitment_ATSMost people spend their lives on their mobile phones. So, why is it an underutilised element of your recruitment process? Especially when you think about how much the humble text can boost the recruitment process.

Perhaps it’s a case of not being able to see the wood for the trees? You’re racking your brain and trying every trick in the book to attract great candidates and to keep them sticky after initially reeling them in.

So, let’s talk about SMS text messaging and how using it could and should be an important part of your recruiting process.

Texting Keeps Candidates in Many Different Loops

The importance of engagement can’t be underestimated in the current marketplace. You only have to take your eyes off a candidate for 24 hours for a competitor to sneak in and pip you to the post.

The not-so-humble text is a brilliant way to keep candidates engaged. It’s also one of the most reliable ways of ensuring your messages are received instantly by candidates.

Email is also great and most candidates provide personal email accounts when they’re applying for jobs. But there’s an increased chance that your emails – especially automated and/or bulk emails – might land in your candidates’ spam folders and get missed.

The likelihood of this is eradicated when you text candidates. You’re safe in the knowledge that they’ll receive your text messages in nanoseconds.

Texting packs a punch in most areas that are critical to successful recruitment, such as -


Many candidates who are in employment apply for other jobs on the QT. For this reason, it can be tricky for them to take and return your calls when they’re at work. Texting removes this sheepishness and inconvenience. It’s much easier for candidates to drop you a quick text during working hours or out of office hours, (when you’ve also probably finished up for the day).

Keep It Simple

Text messaging is as simple as contemporary communication gets. It’s even simpler – and more reliable – than emailing. And it’s more convenient than calling.

Improved Candidate Journey

Texting takes your recruitment process up a notch when it’s incorporated into an Applicant Tracking System. You can automate text sequences to be sent to candidates at every touchpoint of the candidate journey. It’s an ingenious way of keeping their interest levels high.

For example, you can automate texts to be sent to candidates an hour before their interview times, to say “Good luck, we can’t wait to meet you!”. You can then follow up with another text after their interview. Regardless of the outcome, thank them for their time, let them know how much of a pleasure it was to meet them, and give them an indication of the next steps so they know what to expect next and when.

The Need For Speed

Texting is one of the fastest ways to communicate with candidates. It’s quick and easy to write and send texts. It’s quicker and easier still if your texts are already pre-written and pre-scheduled in your Applicant Tracking System. Either way, your text messages are transmitted to your candidates at the push of a button, with zero wait time.

At Vacancy Filler, our exceptional Applicant Tracking System is custom built with the easiest, speediest, most efficient recruitment process at heart.

You’ll love what you achieve by automating SMS text messaging. The platform does all the work for you! You can even brand your SMS. By doing so, your company branding is always retained and at the forefront of every communication, you issue to candidates.

Arrange a demo today. We’ll be delighted to walk and talk you through the features we’ve touched on in this article, plus many more. Or call us on 01509 236 434.


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