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Vacancy Filler Helps Canterbury Foundation to Gain More Control Over Their Hiring Process

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Canterbury Foundation is a senior’s residence based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and have been in business for over 40 years, currently consisting of a 195 employee base. Their organisation contains 3 levels of care: Independent living, assisted living and dementia care. We spoke with Loradonna Botter, the company’s Director of Human Resources and Organisational Effectiveness; her role is to oversee all of HR including:

  • Recruitment
  • Proposition and benefits
  • Training and development
  • Employee and labour relations
  • Health and safety

Before turning to Vacancy Filler, Canterbury Foundation’s main recruitment issues were poor time management and a high level of manual work; to recruit they used Indeed and their own website, and at a general hiring rate of around once a month, this was frequent. They even had a contracted employee to update their website with vacancies which built up costs and the manual work of employing an extra person. Though they still utilise Indeed to advertise their roles, Loradonna revealed the company has gained more candidates, even internationally, by using Vacancy Filler as it has enhanced their brand.

Loradonna was approached by Vacancy Filler on LinkedIn and said “I thought this was a great product and service; I presented it to my management team and we decided we would try this because we can control the hiring process and all have access to it. I can organise everything so that the hiring manger has access to the same files I do.”

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She added how the hiring process is now not only dependant on one person and the need to manually print CVs is now eliminated. She finished: “It’s a nice way of sharing information electronically – I find it very efficient and very effective in determining the best candidates for a role; we can all be in agreement and don’t have to pass papers around.”

Loradonna told us how if a CV stands out, they are able to communicate quickly and efficiently within the system. She believes other businesses would benefit using Vacancy Filler due to its user-friendly system and impressive functionality, which she added saves them time and money.

Finally, Loradonna was quick to praise Vacancy Filler’s support team, commenting how impressed she was with their ‘great’ support guidance and how “They’re there to answer questions and to help you through any problems.”  Overall, since using Vacancy Filler, Loradonna has seen a big difference in her recruitment in that it is now streamlined and centralised.

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Katie Parr

Content Assistant for Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

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