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The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is the world’s leading alliance of public service media. They operate in 56 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas and broadcast to a potential audience of 1.03 billion people.

Olivier Dugenet, HR Business Partner at EBU spoke to us about his experience recruiting with Vacancy Filler. The company currently employs around more than 400 members of staff and recruits between 60-80 times a year.


Bringing efficiency to recruitment

The recruitment solution provider that EBU used previously did not offer the same usability as Vacancy Filler and was less streamlined. Inefficiencies in the process for gaining permission to recruit slowed down the HR department while causing them to waste paper. Forms were printed out and given to the director who would then sign off on any requests.

Olivier stated that: “Processes are streamlined, allowing us to give a quicker response time and offer more efficiency to the business with Vacancy Filler.”

To replace their old system, EBU utilise Vacancy Filler’s Request to Recruit function which centralises the process and removes the need for printing off forms. Signatures are now collected via the system and the sign-off process is managed via email.


Looking forward to the future of reporting

It is important for EBU’s HR department to create end to end reports on recruitment activities; and with that, Olivier spoke about his excitement for the improvements being made to Vacancy Filler’s reporting functionality.

Olivier said: “I’m glad to see new functionality coming to reporting – we’re all looking forward to an easier system to create reports.”

Video Interviewing

When speaking about what aspects of the system bring most value to the company, Olivier spoke about Video Interviewing. EBU recruit across Europe and even on a global scale; meaning they required an interview solution that overcame geographical barriers.

Olivier further explained: “We have hiring managers that travel a great deal so we needed a way of being able to see and evaluate interviews when they have the time and are by a computer.”

By using video as part of their recruitment process, EBU provided a means for candidates to showcase their abilities and personalities in a way that benefits both the candidate and hiring managers.


While speaking about what features of the Vacancy Filler software that EBU most appreciated, it was the support that was praised most highly. EBU has a strong global brand and it was essential for the candidate experience to live up to the company’s standards. It was essential that there was a firm support network for candidates, HR team and hiring managers.

Olivier stated: “You have a really good support team; I get great feedback from candidates that have contacted you directly and that’s really important to us.”

Olivier also went on to explain that his previous experience of email communication for support was ineffective, he added that the team highly rate the live chat function of the software as they receive quick replies to their queries.

Final comments

When asked if Olivier had any final comments on his experience with Vacancy Filler, he explained that Vacancy Filler was more aligned with EBU’s company values:

“You’re more advanced when compared to the other companies on the market that we looked at. We chose Vacancy Filler because it’s completely in keeping with our company’s mind-set.”

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