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What no one tells you about recruiting with social media


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Social media has probably taken off more than anyone imagined it would, I’m sure even Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook had no idea that it would be this big, and it seems that every time we think, “that’s it, there’s no room for any more social networks” another one comes along – just as big and just as successful.

So taking into consideration the continued success and rapid growth of social networks, I struggle to understand why, as a business, you wouldn’t want to be visible on social media.

There are more devices connected to social media than there are people in the world – how’s that for a fact?

This means, to me at least, that it is very likely that the right candidate for your business is connected to one of the social media sites, so being present on these sites will undoubtedly increase your chances of finding, or being seen by, and hiring this person – and it can be done for free.

There are 10 key reasons that you should consider using social media to recruit;

1.You can reach awesome candidates much faster and for less money

2.Social media recruitment can be completely free

3.Using social media you can judge the suitability of a candidate to your company

4.Pushing your vacancies through social media will allow for it to reach a wider audience

5.Social media tends to generate better candidates as only interested people will apply, whereas job boards can attract serial applicants (candidates that apply for a job in hope of getting picked even though they don’t have the right skills or experience)

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What no one tells you about recruiting with social media

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