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What problems do not-for-profit organisations face when recruiting?


Employment in the not-for-profit sector can be a rewarding experience whether volunteering or being paid, and although it is a growing sector, there are a number of issues that need addressing if the not-for-profit sector wants to continue to find and hire good quality and well suited candidates.

What are the issues?

Funding - One of the main issues within this sector is the uncertainty that surrounds funding for an organisation. With many having insecure or short timescales attached to their funding sources, uncertainty can put some candidates off applying within the sector as job security is an important factor that is considered when taking a role. Many candidates will however look past potential insecurities with their job due to the level of satisfaction that can be gained from working in this sector. One study by Warwick University found that job satisfaction in the not-for-profit sector was much higher than for those who work in the public and private sector.

Budget limitations – A study by the CIPD showed that Not-for-profit organisations were the least likely sector to utilise staff from abroad with only 17% of those surveyed saying that they have done this in the past. The cost implications of searching for talent abroad could be a preventing factor here, although at times of a talent shortage, is it more costly ‘not’ to find the right person?

Where can we find you? - The same survey  by the CIPD found that the majority of not-for-profit organisations are relying on corporate websites along with local and national newspapers or trade journals to source candidates; most likely a result of cost reduction. This being, other sectors are utilising recruitment professionals, social media sites, word of mouth and referral schemes to reduce their costs.

In-house, or outsource? – With the ever increasing costs of expensive recruitment agencies, many organisations from all sectors are choosing to manage their hiring process in-house to avoid the fees while only utilising agencies when they are searching for a very specific skill set or perhaps an extremely rare candidate. Many non-profit organisations simply don’t have the man power to manage the hiring process internally however; if you are operating a manual hiring process or collecting CVs via post and email then the time costs alone would be enough for you to consider outsourcing.

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In-house recruitment professionals in the not-for-profit sector will be well aware of the issues regarding recruitment, however many do not realise that there is an affordable solution within their budget. Implementing an ATS can act as an invaluable tool for charities as it not only frees up manpower that can be better utilised elsewhere, but they have also been proven to deliver tangible, financial benefits.

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