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What Your Recruitment Team Can Learn From The Player Selection Process For The World Cup


With the World Cup only a few weeks away, all 32 national teams have now selected their squads to take to Russia, with each side carefully selecting the best players to create a successful team to compete for the renowned Fifa World Cup Trophy.

Like with any football team, you need to source the best talent to try and become a successful organisation, but this can be difficult, especially when the market for sought-after candidates is extremely competitive.

In this candidate-driven market, you need to optimise your recruitment processes to increase your chances of getting the most skilled candidates.

Take the Premiership, for example, the bigger teams such as Manchester United and Chelsea have the financial backing to bid on the most talented players. But unlike these mega-rich, high-profile clubs, you might not have the brand to attract this sort of talent, or the budget to constantly invest with agencies and job boards to attract and recruit the best candidates.

Smaller teams, however, have adopted a different approach in order to compete. These teams, by creating a pool of talent through their scouting networks, have been able to source skilled young players from academies and lower leagues.

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It is something your organisation can benefit from too, with a well-built talent pool, you will have access to a network of skilled applicants that are interested in working for your organisation, not only could this save valuable time and money from expensive recruitment campaigns, but you will be able to identify great candidates for future roles, giving you the competitive advantage over other organisations.

Like the England National Team, you will be able to keep an eye on all your talent and be able to choose from quality candidates to find the best employees for all your positions.

To find out more about how you can optimise your recruitment processes to get ahead of the competition click here.


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