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Video Screening | The New Norm For Recruitment But Which Is Right For Me?

There's no denying that Video Screening is now the norm in the world of recruitment. It's gone beyond being just a cool tool to show off your companies hip side. Some would say it is now a necessity for recruiters and hiring managers - with added benefits of course! 

However, recruiters have so many different routes to go down. First, you need to determine how it will fit into your existing recruitment process and what purpose it will play. Once you've got all your ducks lined up in a row - you need to understand how many options are available to you! 

This blog looks at the different types of Video Screening technology available in the market and highlights Top 10 Reasons why Video Screening is skyrocketing onto the must have chart for recruiters.

Different ways to invest in Video Screening:

1. Stand alone software: Usually licence based payment model and sometimes cost per Video recording (can be as much as £10 per Video).

2. Bolt-on to an Applicant Tracking System: Additional cost per year with integration charges and depending on which ATS, there may be cost per Video recordings too.

3. Inbuilt into an Applicant Tracking System: Normally, all included in cost of system with no extra charges. 

4. Value add from a Job Board: Normally free to use and great for basic video recording - no candidate journey, workflows, data integration or branding or reporting/analytics

Within these four categories, there are lots to choose from, so it's really important to avoid impulse buying. 

Vacancy Filler Top Tip: Review your entire recruitment process as Video Screening needs to play an integral part.  The impact of introducing Video Screening into your recruitment will be huge, especially in terms of time/cost to hire, reduced admin and improved candidate experience. .

Here's our Top 10 Reasons to help you decide what's right for you.

No 1 | A Seamless Recruitment Experience

Your Video Screening should enhance your candidate journey, not hinder it. That's why software that's fully integrated with your Applicant Tracking System is a must. However, if candidate experience and reduced admin is really key, an ATS with inbuilt Video Screening is the best option.

A great ATS with inbuilt Video Screening will be the icing on the cake when it comes to delivering a truly end to end recruitment process. Recruiters can manage everything centrally and the ATS will only capture and store your candidate data once, ensuring GDPR compliancy. If your ATS is integrated with your HCM or Payroll system, even better!

Yes, you can have niche Video Interview software that connects with your ATS but at the moment, it simply doesn't allow recruiters to work smarter when it comes to recruitment automation - that's where inbuilt Video Screening really shines! 

Automation is taking the recruitment sector by storm and ATS providers that don't offer this function are living on the edge! That's why it's really important to ensure that your Video tech is literally rooted within an ATS as it will allow for the whole process to be pretty much done for you and your hiring managers - to the point where you just have to tick "accept", "reject", "talent pool". But it has also got to be engaging for candidates with workflows that automatically keep your talent engaged. Stand alone Video tech will not connect with your ATS at that same level - leaving your candidates a little disconnected.

Another important component are Agencies. If you rely on Agencies for your talent, an advanced ATS will enable them to upload their candidates Video recordings straight onto the platform, so you and your hiring managers can review, assess and select. Again, all Agency data and communications are stored in one central place. 

No 2 | Candidates love it

Demographics; GenZ and the Millennials use video's daily (sometimes hourly). They are the leaders in using video’s socially to promote their own self (or brand), so why wouldn't they jump at the chance to use video tech as part of an Application process? Baby boomers and Generation X don’t really mind it but are less enthusiastic, compared to GenZ and Millennials, so err on the side of caution if this is your preferred audience.

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 13.31.27

Vacancy Filler Top Tip: Why not ask your friends and family how they would feel about doing a video as part of a job application. This should reach a wide demographic selection to help you make a more informed decision.

No 3 | Get up close and personal with your candidates

Video screening enables your candidates to really showcase their personality, something that cannot be achieved with a CV or phone call in simpler terms, it brings CV"s to life!

Nowadays virtually everyone has access to a mobile phone or laptop, tablet or desktop computer, so candidates should be able to use video screening quite effortlessly. If they’re not tech savvy, you could use a video screening software provider that offers free support for your candidates to help them through any issues they have (which Vacancy Filler does FYI). 

And by providing your candidates with this simple tool, they can shake off their nerves so they can plan, prepare and repeat for their first interview, something that’s really difficult to do when face to face or over the phone. 

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 16.31.15

No 4 | Save your candidates real-time

Think how much time you will save your candidates. As they can video screen at their leisure, (within your deadlines), your candidates won’t have to take any time off work, so no leaving early, or arriving late or even digging into their holiday entitlement. Plus they don’t need to buy bus tickets or petrol, so all in all, it will be far more cost and time effective for your candidates . 

No 5 | Time saving for recruiters

Let’s be straight here. It will save you tonnes of time. No need to arrange, re-arrange and re-arrange again phone screens or first interviews.  And that’s just scheduling candidates.  Depending on what stage your Hiring Managers like to become involved in the process, it will also reduce recruiter stress through trying to marry candidates with Hiring Managers availability.  And with the flexibility to create specific questions for specific roles, you can direct your candidates to speak about what you want to hear even it's just one question across the board, like “what makes them a great fit for your business”.  Once they submit you can send it directly to you hiring manager. Such a breeze!

No 6 | Hiring Managers will love it

They will be able to view all the candidate videos at their own leisure and accept/reject with ease. They’ll receive an automatic notifications from the recruiter, and once they’ve reviewed, they can either accept or reject or even add to talent pool (if it's inbuilt with a great ATS, like Vacancy Filler). They don’t even need to speak or arrange a catch-up to go through or access. 

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 16.34.09

No 7 | It will take off a large lump from your recruitment budget

You could achieve significant recruitment savings in terms of time and cost by scrapping phone screenings or first interviews by implementing video screening. First, you won’t have to provide your out of town candidates with travel expenses and by self-service video recordings, recruiters can spend more time doing other important tasks. Don't forget, if a candidate's not right for that particular role, you can easily add them to your talent pool for a future role, which could save £ in future advertising spend. 

As your candidates can do video screening at their leisure, they don’t need to take time off work and dive into their holiday entitlements, or pay for petrol or bus tickets, you can be sure you will get a better response rate and significantly reduce first interview “no-shows”

No 8 | Increase your brand reputation through tech innovation

By using cutting-edge technology as part of your recruitment process, candidates will be able to see for themselves that your brand is a leader and not in the dark ages when it comes to tech. This is especially important for graduates and apprentices, who expect a high level of innovation when selecting a company to work for. 

No 9 | Screening don't discriminate, individuals do. 

There are some real positive reasons why video tech will enhance Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. By setting the same questions for everyone, irrespective of gender or race for example, each candidate will get the same questions, all role and experienced based – so no bias.  With some video software, you can anonymise too, to make your sure your process is completely Equality driven.  And it’s a more relaxed way for candidates with disabilities, as there is no need to travel beyond their doorstep, so it’s much easier and convenient for them.

No 10 | Money Talks

Video screening could be a major operational cost for your organisation.

If you want to explore the video tech path, you need to make sure you can create a strong business case to invest.

A simple way to show value is:

  • Amount of Time per day/week it takes to arrange interviews with your candidates
  • Amount of time per day/week you call candidates for a 15 minute or ½ screening chat.
  • Calculate this time and multiple by your hourly rate (although the amount of time this takes should frighten any CFO or CEO).

The benefits for Hiring Managers are huge! Being able to see and hear the successful candidates, has a huge impact as it will make their decision making around accepting or rejecting – almost unmeasurable!

You could use this time to re-assess your Applicant Tracking System as some of the more advanced providers offer inbuilt Video Screening as part of their platform, which potentially could save you thousands of pounds.  

Beware of the fine print: Video technology is great but it's all riddled with extra's. Some suppliers charge £10 per video recording, whilst others have a ceiling limit and that's on top of annual/monthly subscription charges! Vacancy Filler does offer its inbuilt Video Screening technology for free with its Applicant Tracking System. That means no extra charges at all! Even unlimited recordings, users and even user and candidate support, just in case they need a bit of help!


Video Screening has never been so important for recruiters but best not to invest without considering your entire recruitment process and how you want your Video technology to fit:

  • Ensure that it doesn't dictate your processes, it should flow into them seamlessly.
  • Plan for recruitment automation and don't let Video Screening technology be the barrier to achieving this.
  • Think about collaboration with your stakeholders like Hiring Managers and Agencies who need to be able to upload, access and review quickly and easily. 
  • Consider where your candidate data is stored and accessed and the benefits of having it in one central place that's GDPR compliant. Also take time to understand how this data then flows into your ATS and HCM/HR Payroll system and if it is captured and uploaded.

Don’t be afraid to try Video Screening. Remember, it’s a great vehicle to improve your recruitment process but if you are cautious test it with people you know well to see how they would feel about being screened using video tech, this should help you form your own opinion!

If you now realise that you need an ATS that has Video Screening inbuilt, then please get in touch with Vacancy Filler. You get unlimited recordings, usage and support with us! Call 01509 236 434.


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