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Why marmite lovers are better employees

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Analytics are providing x-ray results of businesses’ recruitment processes

The fight between businesses for the best employees is not new to the recruitment scene – however, what is new, and is giving the businesses innovative enough to implement them an advantage, is the functionality that comes with digital recruitment solutions.

Not only can businesses using this technology benefit from faster hiring, reduced reliance on agencies and therefore lowered hiring costs, as well as the benefit of a streamlined application process for a better candidate journey; they can now utilise data collated from all of the recruitment campaigns ran since implementing the software to highlight further business benefits.

The video below is a slide-focused recording from Tony Brookes’ presentation at the CIPD in London, supplemented with recordings of software demonstrations by Ian Hill.

The opportunity and advantages over your competition that this technology can present to you is nothing short of phenomenal. ‘Big data’ has risen to the top in terms of importance for many aspects of business and this is no different for HR and Recruitment Teams.

By learning how to manipulate the data that is collected during your recruitment process, you can make predictions as to what type of candidate does well in your business, who thrives and who leaves after 6 months, where your best candidates come from in terms of job boards, social media channels or even internal promotion.

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