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2022 The Year Of The Vacancy Filler ATS


Feature-rich, flexible and sophisticated… just a few of the words that spring to mind in relation to the Vacancy Filler fit for purpose Applicant Tracking Systems in 2022.

The mismatch between a high volume of vacancies and a low level of quality uptake continues, resulting in quite the recruitment dilemma.

On the one hand, you need to cast your net as widely as possible and use all the available channels in order to generate more interest.

But, on the other hand, it’s a case of being careful what you wish for. Opening the floodgates too fully can be a double-edged sword. Time and resources are too tight to be stuck in a ‘needle in a haystack situation, sifting through masses of applications to separate the rubies from the rubble.

So, what’s out there to help reinforce your recruitment process against current recruitment challenges?

What Recruiters Should be Looking for From Applicant Tracking Software in 2022

Striking the right balance is a lot less tough with brilliant Applicant Tracking Software. It improves the candidate's journey and also eases the pressure on the recruitment team simultaneously.


Workplace Culture Consultant Heidi Lynne Kurter explained in Forbes how major league Applicant Tracking Software “…will help automate and streamline administrative tasks allowing HR to focus on strategic initiatives and personalising the people experience.”

It frees you up to focus your time and energy on candidates and stakeholders, while your ATS gets on with engaging candidates – and keeping them engaged – across the entire candidate journey.

The need for human faffing around at every touchpoint is replaced by an automated range of pre-scheduled SMS text messages and emails that -

Thank candidates for applying.

Reject unsuccessful candidates respectfully and in a timely manner, (softening the blow by offering to automatically add them to your talent pool for access to future opportunities).

Invite candidates for interviews and confirm interview dates and times when candidates have booked their slots.

Wish candidates good luck pre-interview and thank them for their time post-interview.

Candidate Support

Can – and if so, how can - candidates get help if hit any dead ends on their way through the application process?

Many ATS providers offer support that candidates can tap into if they’re stuck. Support packages usually include a telephone number and email support, plus live chat with a chatbot or human as a minimum standard. BUT the quality of candidate support packages out there is chalk and cheese.

It’s included, unlimited and free, with Vacancy Filler, along with a guarantee of outstanding customer service standards. Candidate support might be a candidate’s first brush with your business. So, you’ll want it to make a great first impression.


We’ve all about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable enough over the past couple of years. So, what have you got to lose if time-served ideas and processes aren’t coming up with the goods at the moment? Fate favours the brave!

A top-notch ATS has the breathability to bend and flex with your recruitment process to suit changing market needs.

You can try tactics like -

  • Dialing down all-singing all-dancing application forms. Replace them for mini-app forms and CVs for now.
  • Switching off screening questions for vacancies that aren’t drawing a crowd.

Remember, you can always shift back to tried-and-tested processes if experiments don’t work out, or when the market rotates again.


Your careers site - feeding applications directly into your ATS - is the perfect place to get your values across. In addition, you can also really drive your messages homes by weaving your values through your application forms.

Engage and inspire candidates with features such as -

  • A Day in the Life magazine-style articles highlighting existing team members
  • Interviews with key stakeholders showing how the business is making a positive difference to the lives it touches
  • Demonstration of EDI across your application process, e.g. breaking down language barriers and accessibility for hearing and sight impairments and other disabilities.

Calendar Integration

Calendar synchronisation with your ATS – using Office365 with Vacancy Filler - automatically enables internal stakeholders to update their availability for interviews and block out periods when they’re unavailable.

This ensures your candidates select a time that’s good for them and for the interviewing panel.

Internal stakeholders receive a series of automated confirmations, reminders, amendments, and cancellations throughout, similar to how candidates do on the external side of the recruitment journey.

With Vacancy Filler, you can rely on the newest, most impressive features that are custom-designed to help you tackle recruitment challenges now and long into the future.

Arrange a demo today. We’ll be delighted to walk and talk you through the features we’ve touched on in this article, plus many more. Or call us on 01509 236 434.


4 Top HR Trends And Predictions For 2022, Heidi Lynee Kurter, Forbes

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