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9 myths about recruitment software


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Recruitment software is relatively young in its existence, although there are variations and individual modules that make up a complete recruitment solution that have been around for much longer than today's recruitment software solutions.

Whether you're a fan of it or not, there are undeniable benefits to using this software, and as with any software, there can be some downfalls.

This article covers some of the myths you may have heard during your recruitment journey.


1.Recruitment Software is really difficult to use

Software is an incredibly fast-paced and competitive industry, so staying on top of features and user experience is essential to any software company. This competition in the sector means that software has to be easy to learn and simple to use, otherwise customers will very quickly start to look at other options – and there’s no shortage of competition.


2Recruitment Software is not secure

Every ATS provider should take security and privacy very seriously so not to endanger customer data. Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software regularly run Penetration tests on their platform to ensure that no hackers are able to by-pass the security on the product, in addition to this, they host all information on the Amazon Web Service, which provides maximum uptime and a great level of security.

When choosing your vendor, you should request to understand their security measures, they should be able to provide this information to you without hassle – a warning signal would be if you are unable to get a straight answer from them.


3. Implementing recruitment software will cause huge disruption to my working day

Although your teams input will be required during implementation, most systems are now cloud-based which means they do not require any on premise installation or purchase of any additional hardware.

Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software does much of the planning with the project leader before implementation begins. As they have a flexible product, they can simply implement the base product and have your team using the software in just a couple of days – as simple and as quick as that. Any additional modules or features can be rolled out in later phases, this helps to steady the learning pace for users and means that your team will be fully operational with the software in a really short time.

Your chosen supplier should offer you free training on the product to a certain degree. Most will offer over the phone and email support on an ongoing basis.


4. I won’t be able to make any changes once implementation begins

An ATS system should be designed to be agile, and most are, the problem here can come with selecting an agile provider – make sure they are able to make changes as required in a timely manner, and make sure they develop the product in-house.

Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software not only develop the product in-house, but they sell, support and train in-house also. This allows for agile development of bespoke functionality, as well as tweaks and adjustments at any stage in the implementation process. The company’s ability to be agile and respond quickly to requests is what has propelled them ahead of some of the global providers.

Make sure you are able to discuss any changes with your supplier and that they will be considered. You should always check if there is a deadline or cut-off date for making changes also, as you won’t know for sure what is missing until the implementation is complete, and you don’t want to be stuck with a product that doesn’t match your needs.


5. Despite sign-off on implementing the system, it’s still going to be hard to get buy-in across the organisation

It is usually the hiring managers who have reservations about using a recruitment system, but a good ATS should be able to accommodate their needs and provide a phased roll-out process.

Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software allow you to do this by training key users first and then slowly rolling the implementation out to other users. Additionally, they provide free webinars and training materials such as videos so that users can physically see how a particular process works. Not only this, but Vacancy Filler designed their software in such a way that it follows a similar design structure to many of the popular social media sites, creating a shallow learning curve.

Ensure that you check your provider can deliver a phased roll-out process throughout your entire organisation. Also check that they are able to put together a series of training sessions for you to help maximise the value that the product adds.


6All Recruitment Software is the same

All Recruitment Software differs, whether it’s through functionality, modular structure, training provisions or implementation method and flexibility, they all differ in some way and will benefit a particular company more than another. There is no ‘on size fits all’ when it comes to ATS providers.

Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software differentiates itself from its competition by offering a base product implementation process. This means that the core product can be implemented using a rapid-implementation model, so your company can be recruiting using the system in literally a couple of days. The benefit to this model is that your company day-to-day activities are not affected by the implementation, and the cost of the product is a lot less than other providers offering similar levels of support and functionality.

The next stage with Vacancy Filler is to roll out the additional modules that your business requires, so the product and the process can be configured to exactly fit your existing recruitment process, only much faster, more efficient and more capable of sourcing and selecting the best candidates for your vacancies.


7. Using recruitment software makes our company look as if we don’t care about our candidates

The truth of this is that most companies, not currently using an ATS, can become overwhelmed with applications and CVs during the recruitment process, with paper and digital documents coming in from and to multiple locations, centralising the process can be almost impossible.

Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software allows to you manage the recruitment process, for any number of campaigns at one time, more effectively whilst introducing efficiencies at every level of the hiring process, both for candidates and employer.

In addition to this, companies can be expected to report on equality and diversity during the recruitment process, and if a complaint is ever made against the company for unfairly dismissing an application, the company will be expected to prove that they have followed a structure to remove any sort of discrimination – an ATS will automatically do this for you, and keep a record of it for every campaign that you ever run using the platform.


8. Recruitment Software is too expensive for SMEs

It is essential for all businesses, no matter what size, to invest in recruitment – even more so with smaller companies, where a poor hiring decision could have a greater cost for the business than with larger companies.

Even though SMEs may recruit only a few times a year, it is still important for them to follow a process whereby they can prove they are recruiting ethically, they still need to succeed in reaching a wide audience of prospect candidates, and there is still a need to be perceived as professional in order to protect and build their brand.


9Implementing recruitment software requires significant HR & IT Support

Cloud-based Recruitment Software is actually one of the fastest and most effective options you can choose when looking to improve your recruitment process as it doesn’t need maintaining by your staff and there is no need for additional hardware such as servers.

Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software can be implemented quickly with minimal input from IT, the project is mostly managed by HR but this is simply to get a list of users and to better understand the recruitment process that they want to implement into the business.

In addition to this, cloud-based software only requires an internet connection, so the software can be accessed anywhere there is a connection; it is important that you check that your provider’s software will work on any device, including mobile and tablets, as this opens up huge flexibility for where campaign management can be done.


With the huge improvements that have been introduced to recruitment software over the past few years, it has become a no-brainer for many companies to introduce some level of software to their recruitment process, especially as many software providers can now provide you with an ROI estimation before you purchase.

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