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Cutting recruitment admin time in half for North Star housing association

North Star is a housing association based in the North East of England; providing affordable housing across the Tees Valley, County Durham and North Yorkshire. The company recruits for a variety of positions around 15-20 times a year and currently employs circa 100 members of staff.

We spoke to Katherine Walton, Head of People Services at North Star, who explained why they decided to use Vacancy Filler.


Katherine told us how Vacancy Filler has modernised North Star’s outdated, manual and paper heavy recruitment process.

She commented how, although recruiting activities will remain similar to how they were; through the automation and centralisation that Vacancy Filler will bring, her department’s admin time “has been halved, if not more”. Katherine added that the ability to shortlist on iPads, tablets and smartphones has boosted productivity and is a win-win with the managers.

Through reporting functions, Katherine states that she has the ability to target underrepresented groups in North Star.

Finally, Katherine mentioned that her implementation manager went above and beyond to ensure the project worked for North Star: “his patience and tenacity was admirable – he made a real difference to the project”.

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