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Everything You Need to Know About Onboarding Candidates


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Employee onboarding should be seen as an essential part of every business’ recruitment process as it is critical in securing the productivity that a new hire can offer to a business. With the right procedure in place you can ensure an onboarding process that quickly and effectively puts your new hires in a position where they enter the business as satisfied employees and are ready to go from day one.

Time consumption is one of the biggest issues that surround the Onboarding process – a concern that leads many hiring managers to delegate the procedure to their HR team. Many companies are put-off by the length of the onboarding process as they believe it will use up critical time that is needed for other strategic tasks within the workplace; and so the job is passed on to HR, who in turn gain extra work and the onboarding process becomes yet another administrative burden.

There are now solutions available to make this process more efficient, by choosing a recruitment software provider with an employee onboarding module, you can ensure your new hires are introduced into your organisation in a timely and efficient manner and better yet, the process can be assigned to Hiring Managers, relieving HR members of added work burdens that may have otherwise taken away time needed for other important tasks.

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In many cases, onboarding is a confusing process, simply because of its complexity and uncertainty around ownership as busy managers believe this is HR’s responsibility; this may lead to a company’s employee onboarding process lacking in structure and detail and in turn make your employees less engaged, or worse, less productive.

It can be daunting time when making the change from an old process to a new one – all the more so if your current HR system does not integrate with your hiring software. If there is no function for candidate data to be exported into other HR systems such as payroll, then your recruitment solution effectively adds another manual process.

Utilising a recruitment system that will offer seamless data integration with your existing HR software will ensure your new hires are On-boarded in a timely and effective manner; not only this, but problems like retyping can be abolished and as a result, data accuracy will improve. It’s important to check that the recruitment solution you are considering integrate with your existing HR system if you want to have a smooth onboarding procedure as this will allow for the swift transfer of new starter details, often in real time, and will ensure that transitioning your new starters from candidates to employees is a fluid process for your business, and an enjoyable one for the candidate.

Another good way to overcome difficult data integration is by choosing a software provider that will enable you to import any existing CVs that you have directly into your talent pool; this removes the need to manually transfer the data so that the task can be done with speed and lack of error.

Keeping your new hires comfortable, constantly up-to-date with your company brand and its values, and ensuring an all-round satisfying hiring experience is pivotal for successful onboarding.  Teaming with a recruitment software provider like Vacancy Filler will ensure that your entire employee onboarding process is maintained, managed and streamlined.

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Katie Parr

Content Assistant for Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

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