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Cox London overcome restrictive recruitment costs to continue expansion plans

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Cox London, makers of unique functional art-based design, is headed by design duo Christopher and Nicola Cox. Having created sculptural furniture and lighting together for some years, they finally formed the company in 2005.

Each of their creations is infused with inventiveness and rooted in a deep knowledge and understanding of traditional techniques. The company's enduring ambition is to create timeless pieces of beauty and intrigue that continue to stand the test of time. Examples of their work can now be seen at their new Cox London retail showroom in the Pimlico Road design district of central London, UK.


Cox London is planning to grow the sales, marketing and the technical design teams, and, later, to create additional positions for some of the roles the directors are now covering. However, for a small company planning to grow, the cost of recruitment was becoming prohibitive and was adversely impacting on their requirement to expand the team.

The directors also found that the candidates put forward for interview through traditional recruitment channels were not of a high enough calibre to meet the needs of their demanding client base.


Cox London therefore decided to look at other ways of recruiting, such as through online recruitment systems, and reviewed several companies including design specialists. They chose Vacancy Filler, a recruitment solutions provider, for a number of reasons – in particular, the flexibility and personal service the company offered. Cox liked the fact that Vacancy Filler provided a solution where they could control the cost of their recruitment, which meant they could plan their business strategy more effectively. Vacancy Filler also assigned them a dedicated Account Manager, which meant that any queries would be handled quickly and efficiently.

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Since implementing the system, Cox has indeed found that their ability to plan their recruitment and business strategies has increased substantially. 

“We are now able to review a much larger pool of candidates and not just the two or three candidates that a recruitment agent would offer. The assigned Account Manager at Vacancy Filler has been brilliant to deal with and having a fixed fee for a set number of adverts has brought the cost of hiring down considerably,” said Nicola Cox.

She added, “The administration of recruitment has become far more efficient with Vacancy Filler and we find it is a much more trustworthy and honest approach.”


In summary, Cox has found the following benefits since using the system:

  • Attendee interview rate has increased by approximately 30%
  • Time to hire per candidate is now 50% faster
  • Cost per hire has dropped by some 50%
  • The success rate for filling positions has increased by 60%

For Cox London, improved cost and effectiveness have been the main benefits of using the Vacancy Filler system, together with the ability to be able to plan their business strategy more accurately. The directors particularly like the fact that they can see all candidates and roles in a single system and that they can review those who applied previously to see if they might be suitable for future roles. In addition, they like the way the system integrates with the Cox careers page and supports the Cox brand.

Within a few months of implementing the software, the company had already recruited four excellent candidates.

“We wish we had used the system before, now we have got it, it is hard to imagine how we managed without it and we will certainly be using it for future campaigns.”

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