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5 Reasons To Digitise Your Recruitment Process

 Reasons to digitise recruitment

5 Reasons To Digitise Your Recruitment Process

1. It allows you to take back control of the recruitment process

2. Makes for a more engaging candidate journey

3. Reaches more talent with no additional effort

4. Its GDPR compliant

5. It Enhances your employer brand

Employees play a huge part in the success, or failure, of an organisation. It’s for this reason that employing skilled, loyal and hardworking staff is placed so high on the agenda for every HR or In-house recruitment team, but it’s not easy to do.

There are ways to make the hiring process easier

Using software to part automate the process and job boards to reach a wider audience, which is why it’s surprising that so many organisations continue to use a manual recruitment process; especially when they could be further damaging their chances of hiring the most sought-after candidates.

These organisations are being left behind by organisations who have embraced technology. By digitising their recruitment process organisations have become more efficient, allowing them to offer a better candidate experience. With less focus on administrative tasks, they have more time to work on other projects that might help to attract talent.

It’s essential to keep up with your competition if you’re going to compete for the available talent. The simplest and most effective way to provide an efficient and more appealing recruitment experience, for both candidate and recruiter, is to digitise the back-end of your recruitment process and make the front-end intuitive (careers page).  

Working with a solutions provider like Vacancy Filler, you can provide an enjoyable and fully branded candidate experience through your careers page and an efficient, time-saving recruitment process for your recruitment team. 

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How Vacancy Filler can help Improved Time To Hire   

1. Take Back Control With Our Applicant Tracking System  

By implementing Vacancy Filler’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS), your organisation will have access to a transparent and centralised database that streamlines the recruitment process; removing the need for unnecessary paper applications or printouts.

With an Applicant Tracking System in place, instead of spending time sifting through endless stacks of CVs, each hiring manager has access to a single database where every application is stored. Here, they can easily search, review and rank each candidate efficiently, resulting in a shorter time to hire.

Another time-consuming task can be filling in adverts on individual job boards, especially if your organisation has multiple roles to fill, but with Vacancy Filler, you can create an advert just once and post it out to our full suite of job boards. You can also post your job adverts directly to your company careers page and share them on your social media platforms to help reach a wider pool of talent. 

2. A More Engaging Candidate Journey

For a busy hiring team, it can be overwhelming, or even near-impossible, to communicate with every single candidate that applies to your organisation – and this is one of the biggest factors impacting a candidate’s opinion of you as an employer. Vacancy Filler’s Applicant Tracking System gives you access to an automated messaging service where personalised emails can be sent to each candidate at different stages of the recruitment journey. With an automated system, you can acknowledge every candidate and keep them informed as to where they are in the recruitment process.

Arranging interviews can also be automated, rather than the stress of trying to get through to candidates to arrange a time that is mutually acceptable. Your hiring team can use a self-service interview module to pre-arrange suitable timeslots for each candidate to choose from.  Having automations in place can help your organisation offer a personalised journey which can help create a positive candidate experience and attract more candidates. 

3. Reach More Talent With No Additional Effort

Vacancy Filler gives you access to a database of your candidates from all previous recruitment campaigns. Additionally, with the talent pool, you can build up a database of skilled candidates who are already interested in working for your organisation. So, if a new role becomes available, hiring managers can simply view the talent pool to see if there are any suitable candidates available, eliminating the need for additional expense advertising. 

4. Compliant With The GDPR

With the GDPR now in effect, organisations have to be more transparent in the way that they are using consumer data, however, this can present challenges to organisations with a manual recruitment process. You now have to provide a clear paper/ digital trail of the data processed for every candidate. How can you comply with the GDPR if there are multiple methods of applying for a vacancy and a variety of locations where the data is stored?

With Vacancy Filler, you have access to a single transparent system that handles all of your candidate data; all of this data is encrypted and stored within the EU. Having each candidate’s information in one place makes it easy to demonstrate a clear trail of all candidate data and compliance. For more information on how Vacancy Filler Can help with GDPR click here. 

5. Enhance Your Employer Brand

Vacancy Filler enables your organisation to attract, engage and communicate effectively with the best talent by creating a platform that promotes your brand and your company culture whilst providing an engaging and positive journey for candidates. By making the recruitment process simple and enjoyable, more candidates are going to have a favourable impression of your company.  

By working with Vacancy Filler, you can digitise your recruitment process and manage the hiring of candidates more efficiently, at less cost and with less demand of the hiring team. Furthermore, your organisation will have the tools to stand out and compete for the best talent to help you grow.

To find out how Vacancy Filler can take your recruitment to the next level click here.


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