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East Metro Youth Services streamlines their recruitment process

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East Metro Youth Services (EMYS) is an adolescent mental and addictions centre founded in 1974 and accredited by the Canadian Centre for Accreditation (CCA).  EMYS strives continuously to engage young people in reaching their personal best, supplying a wide range of programs designed to enhance mental health and invest in their future potential. Key service areas include clinical programs, case management, and engagement programs.

EMYS has the combined role of providing direct services for infants, children and young people with mental health challenges.  Named Toronto Lead Agency in 2015 to support the Ministry of Child and Youth Services’ (MCYS) Moving on Mental Health action plan, EMYS has a unique opportunity to work with and bring together the diverse organizations supporting infant, child and youth mental health in Toronto. The Centre is also contributing to the province-wide transformation of the children and youth mental health system. It collaborates with the many MCYS identified service providers to improve access to mental health services for infants, children, youth and families.

The organization has roughly 90 full-time employees and a further 30 on an hourly rate.

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With its services in high demand, EMYS needed to reduce the administrative burden of its recruitment processes and decided to look for an online recruitment system. Extensive use of email made hiring time consuming and prone to error, and so a user-friendly administrative interface was deemed essential. The organisation required, amongst other features, the capacity to post job listings automatically to the corporate site and to online job boards whilst capturing information that could easily be accessed at a later date.

EMYS evaluated many online recruitment suppliers. The organisation was keen to find a system that was as intuitive as possible to help in the transition into a new hiring system. Specific requirements were for a solution that ensured input of information in a consistent format to make it easy to extract data and run reports, including applicant and job tracking, analytics software to assess and rank applicants, and for resumes to be stored in a single location. The system needed also to be able to generate employment contracts. The Vacancy Filler online recruitment system was selected as it met all the criteria set.

EMYS has been able to drastically cut down the amount of paper it uses and the errors that occurred through extensive use of email have been eliminated.  Managers can review applications from wherever they are, which has improved time to hire as they can access the software whenever they want to rather than relying on other staff to allow them to view the system, and the overall recruitment process is now much more efficient. Previously, East Metro Youth Services was unable to analyse data such as percentage of time per hire, cost per hire, and success rate for each campaign but with the new system in place this is now possible.  

Andrea Balsdon, Human Resources Manager at East Metro Youth Services said, “We can contact applicants easily through the software which is an important communication tool for EMYS at the onset of an applicants’ experience with us, and our managers feel more in control having a system that keeps them organized and on task. Our success rate is now high for filling positions.”

She added, “Vacancy Filler met all of our requirements – the other suppliers didn’t even come close to what Vacancy Filler offered.  It is so user friendly and is a really outstanding product.”

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