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Removing Barriers in Recruitment: Revolutionising Ilfracombe Academy’s Recruitment Process


The Ilfracombe Academy is located in Ilfracombe, North Devon and has a Sixth Form and Church School status.  The Academy has approximately 1,000 students and recruits staff of all positions throughout the year. 

The foremost reason The Ilfracombe Academy looked to replace its previous system with Vacancy Filler was due to how labour intensive it was in comparison.  The opportunity to create a slicker process that would give more time back to the school would be beneficial.

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Ilfracombe’s process before Vacancy Filler found that some candidates were unable to find the application form, resulting in an increasing workload as candidate queries needed to be answered and help given to the applicants.  Vacancy Filler removes this hurdle for potential applicants meaning that more and higher quality candidates could be attracted.

In all, apart from helping streamline the recruitment process which will give time back to staff, the school anticipates Vacancy Filler will help with its brand as the candidates’ journey becomes in turn, much easier to manage.

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