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Graham & Brown is an international wall decoration group that has been innovating the home improvement market for 70 years with British-made, design-led products. In addition to their manufacturing, design and marketing centre in Blackburn, they have sales offices and distribution centres across the world.

Sharon Ternan, HR Advisor at Graham & Brown, spoke to us about her experience recruiting with Vacancy Filler. The company currently employs around 400 members of staff in the UK and has recently experienced growth in the direct-to-consumer division of the business which has seen them hiring around 30 times a year.

Improving Recruitment

Previous to Vacancy Filler, Graham & Brown had worked with an alternative recruitment partner but felt the time was right to explore the wider market and to review what was available from different providers. They were beginning to recruit for new job roles and wanted to ensure they were using the best solution available for their requirements. The functionality and versatility which Vacancy Filler could provide strongly influenced the decision.

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Vacancy Filler Managed Services

Graham & Brown’s HR team fully utilise Vacancy Filler’s Recruitment Services. The team sends their Vacancy Filler recruitment manager a job description for the role they are recruiting and the role is then posted across an array of affiliate job boards. A Recruitment Manager then takes on the task of shortlisting candidates and sends back a list of applicants that are ready for review by the hiring managers.

Graham and Brown’s HR department is comprised of a small team with only two individuals who have hands-on influence over the recruitment process. As a result of this, full recruitment campaigns have the potential to become an overly cumbersome and time consuming part of their role, so having a recruitment partner who can step in and help is a much more effective use of resources.

Sharon said; “Being able to hand over a job description and then having someone else do the legwork is invaluable, our Recruitment Manager at Vacancy Filler is like an extra member of the team for us; they make us more efficient and free up an enormous amount of time which can be used elsewhere”.

Graham and Brown primarily use Vacancy Filler’s Managed Service but run some roles independently using the Vacancy Filler software. Being an employer of choice in the local area means they have a large pool of candidates actively seeking roles with them, so it is not always necessary for them to post on affiliate job boards. The company also believes recruiting from within is important, making the option to post internally on the company’s intranet a vital part of recruitment software. Finally, it was imperative that these three options were available through one, easy to manage portal.

Sharon said; “It was really important to us that we can run vacancies through a range of ways, but being able to manage them in one place is hugely beneficial and time saving.”


With Vacancy Filler, Graham and Brown have easy access to an array of reports, such as: source of best candidate, time per hire and cost per hire.

Sharon spoke of her excitement about this functionality: “We’re really looking forward to being able to provide factual evidence on recruiting to other departments. It was one of the points that attracted us to Vacancy Filler most.”

It is essential to have this factual evidence in order to create departmental KPIs. Reporting will allow Graham and Brown to shed light on all aspects of the recruitment process helping bring a return on investment to the business.

Training & Implementation

Graham & Brown have a number of hiring managers in different departments that all needed training in using the system as well as the HR department.

Sharon explained that: “Vacancy Filler’s flexible approach to training those individuals on a one-to-one, as and when required basis worked perfectly for us.”

By training the HR department and then each hiring manager individually, best practices on using the system stays fresh and relevant.

Sharon added: “Implementation just seemed to happen; it was really quick and quite seamless. We even had vacancies that were moved over to our new careers page really easily.”

Usability of the System

When asked if there was anything Sharon wanted to add, she said: “The system has been really easy to use – it’s intuitive and our hiring managers have been able to navigate the system with ease. We’ve not had any issues; Vacancy Filler does everything we want it to do.”

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