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The Top 5 Applicant Tracking System Features You Need In 2020 & Beyond

By | on 29, Oct 2020 |   Video Interviewing Applicant Tracking System Recruitment "ATS"


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What's The Secret To Detecting Duplicate Candidates?

By | on 16, Jun 2020 |   Applicant Tracking System "Cost Per Hire" "Recruitment challenges" "HR" "ATS"

How Do I Find Duplicate Candidates? How long have recruiters been painfully trying to locate duplicate candidates within their ATS? Well... since ATS' were invented really.  The challenge for recruite[...]

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Get more exposure for FREE with Facebook Jobs

By | on 14, May 2020 |   "ATS" "Job Adverts"

Facebook is used by over 90 Million businesses and over 2 billion people every month, so why not let your campaigns to come life (again and again and again.....) By using Facebook Jobs, your adverts w[...]

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A quick snapshot of Recruitment Automation

By | on 30, Apr 2020 |   Communication "Recruitment challenges" "ATS"

Automation has landed with a bang across the recruitment landscape  Recruitment automation is fast becoming one of the hot topics for recruiters and boy is it making a splash!! So, what is all the fus[...]

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MUST. READ. FIRST. Are You Selecting a New ATS?

By | on 12, Mar 2019 |   "ATS"

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HR Halloween Horror Stories

By | on 31, Oct 2018 |   Human Resources HR "Halloween" "Recruitment challenges" "ATS"

Recruitment, like a haunted house, can be dark and full of terrors. From ghostly no-shows to zombiefied workers, your hiring process can soon turn your organisation into a hellish nightmare. So, for H[...]

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